A command-based tool developed for the Unity game engine to help developers introduce commands into their games. These commands can be for things like cheats, enabling and disabling settings, testing, and lots more. It's easy to use our default commands, as well as to add commands of your own! Simply drag and drop our prefab into your UI to get started!

Colour Climb

Colour Climb challenges the player to jump between platforms matching the colour of the character. The higher you climb in-game means the higher you climb on the leaderboard! As you reach further into the level, increasingly difficult obstacles are introduced testing your reaction time and concentration. Can you jump the highest?

Pixel Path

This game will have you swiping and tapping many weird and wonderful characters through an assortment of different worlds, with the goal to collect coins and travel as far as possible. The coins can be used towards unlocking characters and themes, or for improving power-ups!


(Unreleased University project) A rogue-like dungeon crawler inspired by games like Binding of Isaac. The story is about two brothers who had a car crash; one brother dies and goes to hell. The other brother feels this was wrong, and he is given the opportunity to rescue his brother from the depths. However, there's a catch; your health is represented by a glowing orb that follows you and provides your light. This orb is your soul; when it's light turns out, so does yours.

Star Wrangler Arena

The Search for a Star 2017 competition submission and eventual winner. SWA sees players compete against another player or themselves to score as many stars in their collection boxes as possible. Different stars have different behaviours and react differently when a player approaches. With a blaster ability and many different levels and obstacles within, there is plenty of challenge for all skill levels!