Colour Climb

Colour Climb challenges the player to jump between platforms matching the colour of the character. The higher you climb in-game means the higher you climb on the leaderboard!

Pixel Path

This game will have you swiping and tapping many weird and wonderful characters through an assortment of different worlds, with the goal to collect coins and travel as far as possible. The coins can be used towards unlocking characters and themes, or for improving power-ups!


(Unreleased University project) A rogue-like dungeon crawler inspired by games liker Binding of Isaac. The story is about two brothers who had a car crash; one brother dies and goes to hell. The other brother feels this was wrong, and he is given the opportunity to rescue his brother from the depths. However, there's a catch; your health is represented by a glowing orb that follows you and provides your light. This orb is your soul; when it's light turns out, so does yours.

Star Wrangler Arena

The Search for a Star 2017 competition submission and eventual winner. SWA sees players compete against another player or themselves to score as many stars in their collection boxes as possible. Different stars have different behaviours, and react differently when a player approaches. With a blaster ability and many different levels and obstacles within, there is plenty of challenge for all skill levels!

  1. Development of Bound Began

    At this point, our unreleased University project began in the form of Bound, which was a Rogue-like dungeon crawler game. At the time, we were heavily influenced by Binding of Isaac, as well as some minor other games of similar genre. The unique spin of ours was that your health was represented by a soul called "Orbie", as well as some focus on puzzle solving and not just combat. The storyline was that the main character's brother had died when they were both in a car crash, but his brother had gone to hell. The task was to rescue his brother, but not lose his soul in the process. The soul is represented by Orbie, and if it diminishes, the light goes out and so do yours.

  2. Star Wrangler Arena Begins!

    Kyle, one of our developers, made it to the second round of Search for a Star, which was organised by Aardvark Swift and was part of the Grads In Games initiative. As part of the competition, competitors were given a bug-ridden basic implementation of a mechanic in Unity, and it had to be turned into a fully fledged and polished game. The development of this project began with some very quick ideas, as there was only 4 weeks in which to complete it - in the middle of a Masters course!

  3. Star Wrangler Arena Submission

    At this point, the game was complete. What was once a few cubes interacting with each other in a pretty buggy way, was now a complete game with single and multiplayer experience. Kyle made it to the final five competitors for the last round, and eventually went on to win the competition!

  4. Bound Final Submission

    For the Masters course, our game was finally complete and handed in! We thoroughly enjoyed working on the project, and four of us working on it ended up becoming great friends and thus started this Indie journey of ours. Without the masters course, and this project, we probably wouldn't be here!

  5. Pixel Path Development Commences!

    The company was created, we were all fresh off the Masters course, and we were excited to get started! We came together and discussed many game ideas, with Pixel Path (the spawn of our designer, Jack) the project of choice! Inspired by the art style of Crossy Road, and the uniqueness of controlling the world rather than your character, we began the development.

  6. Pixel Path Closed Alpha

    We began our alpha testing with some good friendly people who volunteered! We got some extraordinary responses which we were very proud of, and went towards helping us improve the game further. If you took part in the alpha testing, we are very grateful! Not everyone wanted to be mentioned, but those that did:

    Iain "Switch" Davies
    Theo Clarke
    Marlone Judith

    Couldn't have done it as well without you all!

  7. Pixel Path Android Release!

    Our first project had finally been completed! We were nervous about releasing it onto the app store, but eventually bit our tongue and just pushed the big button! Immediate response was awesome, and the game has since grown to have over 500 downloads over the first few months. A happy achievement for our first game on such low budget.

  8. A Wild Colour Climb Appears!

    Our next game, a combined inception by Jack and Dan, was another Endless Runner but this time spear-heading the 2D universe! Inspiration was drawn from Colour Switch, a very popular game on the mobile market.

  9. Colour Climb Reaches Android

    Our second game to be officially released had been released to the Google Play Store. Dan took the brunt of this work and is therefore mostly his realisation. Initial reception of the game was very good, and once the iOS version is complete, we are going to look to market the game like crazy!

  10. Pixel Path Improvements

    Currently, we are looking to make significant improvements to Pixel Path. They are much needed workings! If you'd like to know more, please have a read of this blog post :)