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Pixel Path 1.0 Has Been Released on Google Play Store for Android

26/06/17 at 20:52:51 | Kyle Hobdey

News Pixel Path


The time has come, following our supremely useful Closed Beta testing, to release our first app on the Google Play Store! To say we are excited is accurate, but still feels like an understatement. We are keen to get opinions, and we are hopeful that you enjoy playing it as much as we did developing it. Read on to find out more about the game!

Final version of the app icon

Final version of the app icon

Game Brief

This game will have you swiping and tapping many weird and wonderful characters through an assortment of different worlds, with the goal to collect coins and travel as far as possible. The coins can be used towards unlocking characters and themes, or for improving power-ups!



Starting as a little rabbit in a forest world, your goal is to simply take your fluffy friend as far as you possibly can! Instead of controlling your character, however, you move the path pieces into place. Make sure to avoid obstacles and traps, or your rabbit will meet its end! Furthermore, if you are not fast enough choosing a safe path, your run will come to a swift end as the path falls away.

The game requires skill, dexterity and quick thinking; the perfect concoction for addiction!

Characters & Worlds

During your time playing, you will collect and earn coins. With these coins, unique characters and worlds can be unlocked for you to enjoy! Currently, there are 50 characters waiting to be played and an additional 7 unique worlds!

All the characters are split into three rarities; common, rare and epic. Both rare and epic characters have their own unique effect, with epics having their own sounds, thus each giving a unique playing experience to enjoy.

Many characters to unlock!

Many characters to unlock!


Coin collections can also be used to invest in power-ups! Currently, there are 4 to choose from, ranging from slowing down time to reviving from being in pieces. Some can help you to avoid obstacles, whilst others aid in providing a more significant high score for the leaderboards!


Chest System

Convert your coins into chests, along with a free daily, to unlock the characters and worlds.

Chest unlocking sequence

Chest unlocking sequence

Pinata Reward

As a measure of good will, your little character is willing to be tapped to the point of exploding in order to earn you some bonus coins! These rewards are available often at the end of each run. Make sure to activate your double coin bonus before receiving your reward for that extra coinage!


Compete With Friends and the World!

We have 4 leaderboards in which you are able to compete in; challenging friends and the general community! This makes for a highly competitive scene, and offers an enjoyable and tense experience when playing Pixel Path.

Happy Hopping!

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