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Upcoming Changes to Pixel Path on the Horizon!

09/06/18 at 10:21:53 | Kyle Hobdey

News Pixel Path


This is our first news blog for one of our games, and we are excited to announce what our future plans are regarding Pixel Path! We have had some good feedback from the community since the initial release, and as we value this feedback, we wanted to act upon it. Below are details regarding the different areas we will be improving, along with an estimated timeline at the end.

The main menu of Pixel Path has a lot going on, and will be an area of focus

The main menu of Pixel Path has a lot going on, and will be an area of focus


The area that will be getting the most focus from us is the performance. It has been brought to our attention that some devices do have difficulty running the game after reaching large distances, whilst some slightly older phones have noticeable frame drops. We have begun profiling to find out what the causes of the frame drops are, and we have a few sneaky suspicions!



The tutorial, whilst it does work, could appreciate a bit of on improvement. The main issue we have noticed is that at the start when the tutorial initialises, and there are no paths that need swiping on screen yet, the player often swipes the screen not knowing what to do (when they should be waiting). This causes the next path (which is offscreen) to be given input, which may or may not be correct.

User Interface

This is more aimed at the backend functionality of the UI, rather than any actual visual changes (although that's not to say there won't be any!). We have noticed that the logic behind sliding between menus can be significantly improved in terms of performance and memory stamp. There are also a few notifications that can be quite annoying, such as when failing to connect to Google Play Store. You'll be happy to know this will be removed and replaced with a subtle indicator on the main menu!


There is a recent law that emerged within the European Union whereby when we serve customers within the EU we must abide by the regulations. Whilst we are developing our site, we cannot provide the user a link to our privacy policy, thus making the game non-compliant. Due to this, we've had to temporarily take the game down. This is our utmost priority so we can get the game back on the app store sooner rather than later. There are a few other smaller changes that will need to be implemented to be compliant, but we won't bore you with those! Please Note: currently we do not store any data from our users; so don't worry about that! If this changes, we will put a notification in-game so you are aware.


These sorts of developments can be hard to pin-point a time frame for, as it involves a fair amount of investigation, especially when it comes to profiling performance.
That being said, we strongly believe we will be able to have all these changes complete before the summer (in Britain, where we are based) is over. Some improvements, like GDPR compliance, we hope will come into affect far sooner as we want our down time to be as minimal as possible!



Thank you for taking them time to read this. One of our philosophies is to be as transparent as possible with those who are keen to know more. We aim to release these sorts of blogs as often as possible, to give you an insight into what's going on. If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to give feedback, please do so on our Contact page! We would love to hear from you!

We also want to improve performance on selection screens

We also want to improve performance on selection screens

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