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Colour Climb has been Released!

20/06/18 at 12:58:24 | Dan Blackburn

Colour Climb News

After a great amount of effort by the team with constant iterations and evolutions, we've officially launched Colour Climb, our competitive, 2D mobile game for Android and iOS.

Colour Climb is a simple tapping game that requires the player to jump between rotating platforms that are responsive to music. These platforms of varying colour allow you to progress higher, increasing your score with each jump! However, beware you must match the colour of the platform you are landing on, otherwise, you will meet your untimely end. The same goes if you take too long to jump, as the rising purple haze will reach you resulting in your inevitable death.

Whilst playing Colour Climb, embrace the failure. Learn from it and eventually, you'll be unstoppable, until you're stopped. - The CyberWolf Team

Mechanics & Gameplay

Each game quickly progresses into varying levels of panic and self-doubt as you anxiously tap in time with pleasant, upbeat music. If this doesn't sound hectic enough for you, we've added in some additional hurdles to test you as you're playing. Colour Walls are designed to simply change the colour of your character as you pass through them, meaning you'll need to think twice before jumping through one to make sure your landing is the matching colour.

The game has multiple sound queues which match up with the tempo of the music, so as you are progressing through the endless levels, you are directly contributing to the composition of the music. This is one of the features we're most proud of, as it allows us to give audible feedback to the player without drawing their attention from the gameplay. 

In addition to all of the above, we've also added in-game achievements for you all to unlock! We believe a lot of games nowadays only appeal to the casual gamer, which is something we fundamentally disagree with. So we've put in some extremely difficult achievements to really set the skilled players apart from the rest, some we haven't even managed to achieve! As we bring out new content we will be releasing additional achievements to keep the game interesting and enjoyable. Don't worry though, we won't be shying away from giving you a challenge.

One of our company beliefs is that the community is our most important asset, so we're going to be keeping an extremely close eye on all of your suggestions and criticisms about the game. This will then fuel the development of new ideas to create something truly unique, improving and expanding this game is one of our main priorities. We have many ideas already in the pipeline so we're looking forward to the suggestions you all come up with!

The Future of Colour Climb

Based on our vision for Colour Climb and community suggestions we will be releasing regular updates that include new features, content and performance/ bug fixes. We have included a list below of things currently in the pipeline. Remember, if you wish to see something in the game that isn't listed be sure to voice your suggestions to have a chance for it to be implemented into the game:


  • In-Game Leaderboard to replace current implementation
  • Leaderboard between friends
  • Multiplayer
  • Additional Game-Modes
  • Friend Highscore Markers when you pass them


  • More Soundtracks for each Difficulty Level
  • Colour Wall Variants

If you wish to keep up to date with the development of Colour Climb, we release monthly development blogs. This is a detailed breakdown of how we achieve certain implementations and highlights our development process. If you're interested in working as part of a team, this is a great insight into how a small team works together to create something awesome. Be sure to check out the development blog by clicking here.