There are four founders of CyberWolf Studios; Jack, Jay, Dan & Kyle. The latter three were all part of the Games Development course at the University of Central Lancashire, whilst Jack was a Games Design student at the same Uni, but a year down. Whilst we knew each other for a large portion of that time, it wasn't until the Masters Games Development course that we started working together. Jack joined us to help design, model, and animate our first project together; a Rogue-like called Bound. Towards the end of the project, we realised just how well we all work together, and thus the company was born! Our first releases, before full-time work took over, were Pixel Path and Colour Climb, both released in 2017.


Whilst Jack is finishing his Masters degree, and the rest are in full-time employment, we are finding it challenging to maintain a good work pace. However, the motivation does not waver! Currently, we are working on revamping our website so that we have a good foundation to present to you our content, news, blog posts and game updates! Whilst working on the site, Jay has begun dissecting Pixel Path to help identify the issues, as mentioned in one of our blog posts, which will bring about a much improved experience to the players. Once the site is complete, the rest of us will be jumping on this bandwagon to bring optimisations and improvements to both Pixel Path and Colour Climb.


Once we are in a happy state with our past releases, we will be looking to begin our next project! We will also be recruiting the assistance of Rob; a fantastic guy who has offered his assistance with marketing and social media. We have a lot of exciting ideas in the works, and we are looking forward to them being in a place where we can share them with you! Watch this space.

Our History


07 April

  • We're Now Tool Developers!

  • UnityShell is our next project. Whilst it's not a game, it will help us (and others) in future adventures. Good progress has been made, and we hope to bring about the end of tool development soon, and get back to making games! Watch this space.


02 February

  • Our First iOS Release!

  • Our next game, Colour Climb, which has already been released on Android - has now made its way to the Apple market!

08 April

  • The Website is Born!

  • With us all being in full time employment or education, it can be hard to find the time. This does not deter us though, as we turn our focus onto our website. We want somewhere that we can interact with our players, share our content, and write some awesome blogs! We want to keep you in the loop, and be as transparent as possible. This site allows us to do this, so we feel it has been a valuable sinkhole of our time.


17 April

  • Kyle Wins Search for a Star

  • Search for a Star was a fantastic opportunity. A lot was learned going through the paces and there will be a log about it soon! After discussing with professional lead developers and managers, it was at this point that it was convincing enough the route we were going down was filled with opportunities, and therefore the one we should choose!

26 April

  • Masters Completion

  • Masters iss now complete, and we are now free agents! We immediately got together and started planning our future as a team.

30 April

  • CyberWolf Studios is Born

  • Interestingly, coming up with the name was far harder than filling out the forms and sending them to HMRC! We decided to gown the partnership route rather than LTD; we hope one day to be successful and become fully fledged. Either way though, our dreams are being realised! We are now officially indie game developers, and it's awesome!

17 May

  • We Decide Upon Pixel Path

  • Once we were all settled back at our homes after 4 long but enjoyable years of University, we got together and had a meeting. We threw around many game ideas ,some of which we will definitely be visiting in the future as they sound unique and promising! Ultimately though, we settled on Pixel Path. A nice gentle easing into the games industry with a game in the popular Endless genre; to help us find our footing.

25 June

  • Our First Release!

  • Pixel Path is finally finished, and following the Closed Beta testing, we are happy (but very nervous) to get the game out there! Within the first few months, we managed to rack up over 500 downloads, not bad for a first showing and very limited finances!


30 September

  • First Project Begins!

  • Our first project as a group has begun. You can see this 'finished' product on our Projects page! With enough interest, we may revisit this and remake it to a professional level.